Bouquet & Books: A combination you must try out

Bouquet & Books: A combination you must try out

In all our happy moments or special occasions, a flower is the easiest gift that we find for our loved ones. Only a flower bouquet from any flower shop in Abu Dhabi  would seem too bland so why not take up some great books for your loved ones? Not many people are into reading these days, but when you get a book for them they might develop a liking for the same. It may sound a bit bizarre combination but it is really a different shade to try out and be different in this crowd of normalcy. Check out some book options that can be teamed up with various flowers.

Roses with the Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett
Roses are the best flowers of the world for its charm and beauty. The secret garden is one of the greatest books ever written as suggested by the ratings. The story has a secret garden of roses as the backdrop which the protagonist, a 10 year old girl Mary has to find out. Many films and TV series have been made after its release in 1910. This is also considered as one of the greatest child novels ever. So, for your kids also you can think of this book.


Lilies with Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

Lilies have its presence in this great novel which is very popular among kids and youth. We all have this instinct of believing in wonder-stories because life itself is no less than a magic. Alice and her dream land consisting of animals that speak, humans like cards, was published in 1865 and still has its great fan following among masses and classes. Get a copy of this one both book and movie DVD along with the tiger lilies or peace lilies.

Chrysanthemums with Mosquitolandby David Arnold
Chrysanthemums are those flowers that signifies joy and optimism just like the notion of this novel. It tells the tale of a girl who goes thousand miles away from her new stepmom in Ohio to Mississippi to her real mom after learning that she is terribly ill. In this journey she meets some funny, quirky, and witty characters who sharpens her knowledge about love, loyalty, wisdom, fear, etc. It would be a wonderful read believe me.

Lotus with Paper Towns by John Green
Lotus is a flower that symbolizes truth and mystery and while you are getting this flower for your friend or relative, you can consider a marvelous mystery read. Paper Towns written by John Green was released in 2008 and is quite a popular read among youth and adults. It is a tale about two young characters where one is in search of the other one. And then one think leads to other mystery and finally secret opens up like all good stories.

Tulips with The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini
Tulips are more like the national flower of Afghanistan and when you are getting these charismatic tulips flower delivery in Abu Dhabi for your loved ones, why not get a copy of a story based in Afghanistan? It released in 2003 and since that time made some good ripples among people. If your friend loves drama, this utterly dramatic story of father-son relationship, fear, anger, guilt, would be adored.