Learning The Secrets About Services

Considerations for Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney

If you are involved in a criminal problem, you are going to need a a legal representative who will bail you out of your situation. This is surely not the time for you to make compromises. You must hire the best to represent you. So, how should you go about finding prospects? The following are what you must consider:


Qualifications are important for two main reasons – you’d like to be sure that the lawyer is fully aware of the law, enabling them to save you from the situation, and that he is qualified to practice in the area of the proceedings. At least, find out if the criminal lawyer you are eyeing has passed the bar examination.
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Learning The Secrets About Services

Criminal law is a rather sensitive field. Mere qualification is not going to suffice. You should to make sure that the lawyer possesses the right expertise. Inquire how long the attorney has been practicing. Also, you should check if the lawyer has specialization in the particular field where you need legal representation. Someone who has been defending people in drunk driving cases may not be the best choice for an individual accused of manslaughter. In other words, you must to see if your prospect has been dedicating at least 95% of his practice on cases that are similar to yours.

Track Record

Be sure to check how successful the attorney has been with his past cases. By all means, they must have a stellar win/loss history. Of course, whatever the track record or success rate of a lawyer is, it is not an indicator of your chances of winning, but it does paint a good scenario as to the attorney’s abilities.

Compatibility and Rapport

Another main consideration in selecting a criminal lawyer is the rapport you have with the professional. In plain and simple terms, you must like your lawyer. You have to trust the person. Remember, you might have to tell them highly personal, sensitive or probably even embarrassing information as you prepare your defense. Unless there is trust, the whole process can fail and you can lose on this point alone. Very importantly, see if the lawyer is hearing you out sincerely as you speak. This is extremely important.

The Master Plan

All lawyers have a unique approach, also termed as strategy, in tackling cases. Ask your potential lawyer regarding this, and be sure that you are comfortable with what they plan to do.


Legal representation is not cheap so definitely, the costs are something you have to give some serious consideration. Some lawyers charge per hour or minute, while others have a fixed fee. In any case, you need to talk about pricing at the start, eliminating any ambiguities.