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3 Need to Know Facts about Filing Workers’ Compensation Claims It’s true that some jobs are more hazardous than others, but that doesn’t mean there’s a job that’s completely free from perils. Because all jobs have their own chances for accidents and injuries, workers are entitled to file for a workers’ compensation claim if they’re injured as a direct result of their job. Unfortunately, not everyone knows about this benefit which leaves them confused as to what they should do if and when they need to file one. If you need to file a workers’ compensation claim, be sure to read through this list to get the most out of the process. 1. There is a Filing Period – The filing period for workers’ compensation claims is usually set at one month after the incident, but that can change depending on the state that you’re in. However there are some states that require workers to file just days after the incident, and others extending their period to over two years. If you need to go to the hospital for your injuries, have someone find out the filing period for your specific employer. In doing this, you can put together the necessary documents without missing the deadline. Your employer also has deadlines to follow, so if you want to get that settlement, be sure to file early. 2. Claims Aren’t Always Approved – Sometimes, employers will dispute your claim because they don’t believe it or simply because they don’t want to be made to pay. This can be a very big problem if you’re trying to meet filing deadlines. To effectively prove your claim, be sure to have all the necessary records at the ready, including the hows and whys of your injuries and the treatment you received for them.
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3. Measuring Injuries and Their Cost – Injuries that only require a few stitches and some rest won’t get you much more than just the cost of the treatment you received. However, an employer is obligated to pay for your medical expenses, any ongoing treatment, as well as lost income that you might incur in the future as a result of the injuries you sustained at work. Be sure to talk to your lawyer to find out how much you should demand from the settlement to cover not just the expense of the injuries now but any money you might lose in the future because of them.
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Get your settlement fast and easy by applying these simple tips to the process. For an even easier process, consider getting the help of a lawyer to guide you through.