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How to Maintain the Freshness of Your Diamond Jewelry The brightness and polish of a diamond jewelry will disappear in an amount of time while wearing it. There is a big possibility on smearing and staining them. Even keeping them idle leaves dust to conceal them. Applying lotions, soaps, fragrances, or natural skin oils can makes the diamond jewelry dull and gloomy. You need to learn on how to clean those diamond jewelry if you want them to look new again. A little of your time and care will only be needed in order to make your diamond jewelry look good again. First, you need to collect all the materials need for the cleaning. You need to gather small soft brush, soap or detergent, water, filter, lint free fabric and a small container. Mix soap and warm water in the small container. Then, place your diamond jewelry into the solution. Proceed to brush the diamonds as they sit in the soapy solution. After brushing, gently wash the diamond jewelry with a cold water using a filter. Lastly, pat your diamond jewelry dry with a lint-free fabric. If your diamond jewelry did not return to its shiny stage, you need a stronger cleaning with the application of ammonia and water solution. Using a small half and half solution of ammonia and water, soak your diamond jewelry for about 30 minutes. Next, carefully brush your diamond jewelry accordingly. After brushing the item, return it to the bowl. Repeat for the next jewelry item. When all of the diamond jewelries are done, leave it for a few second in the solution. Proceed to rinse and dry as outlined in the previous paragraph. An alternative to mixing solutions yourself to clean your jewelry, is to purchase an already made jewelry cleaning solution. You may purchase the cleaning solution as a kit or a device that is made to clean jewelry.
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Many retailers sell a premixed solution or a jewelry cleaning kit, which contains all of the materials needed for a thorough jewelry cleaning. The kit has already complete materials needed for cleaning such as the mixture and drying and shining fabrics. Read the product information before buying the cleaning kit to make sure that the solution suits for the metal and stones of your jewelry.
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Another way to clean jewelries is by ultrasonic jewelry cleaners which were invented recently. Designed to make jewelry cleaning effortless and efficient, ultrasonic jewelry cleaners use high frequency to produce a cleaning motion. Many machines come with premixed solution and dry/polishing cloths as well. Some more advanced cleansers can not only tidy up diamond jewelries but can also clean some things such as watches and sunglasses. You can choose whatever techniques of cleaning you want, but the vital point is that you should care for your jewelries by maintaining in clean habitually.