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The Safety Standards of the Alfa Romeo Giulia Saloon Car

When choosing a new car to buy, a lot of things are taken into consideration. For most people, they are more concerned about superficial factors. These superficial factors are the design of the car, the cost, its general popularity and how people perceive it regarding its desirability. When it comes down to the important factors, when you will be cruising the roads there are certain concerns that should always be in your mind. Health and safety are the road concerns.

Health and safety are the factors that are put at risk on the roads as accidents that cause vehicle damage, injuries and in more extreme cases fatalities such as death. Your own safety and even for all the other drivers and pedestrians is safeguarded by the main factor which is sensible and good vehicle handling.

In the prevention of all the negative situations that may happen on the road, a safe vehicle is key. The above statement is the description of the Alfa Romeo Giulia Saloon. This car is highly ranked in the road safety measures it has put in place when compared to other cars. This car should be a top priority when selecting a car because of the various reasons this article will look into. Among the cars tested by the Euro NCAP, the Alpha Romeo Giulia got the highest score in adult occupant protection. This car managed to achieve a 98% score. One of the major features of the car is the side impact protection. The passengers seated inside the car’s reinforced passenger compartment are the ones protected by the side impact protection.

The seats are made to specifically withstand the negative implications of whiplash. In terms of child occupant safety, it scores 81% and an outstanding 69% when it comes to pedestrian protection. This car can guarantee fair protection when it comes to the involvement of the car in various incidents. However, where the car came short was in the safety assist score where it garnered a 60% score. The score it garnered in safety assist does not discount the fact that this car’s first major feature is the prevention of accidents. The standard autonomous emergency braking and lane departure warning systems play a major role in the prevention of accidents. This car has a very convincing safety spec and it exceeds the standards set by the other cars.

If you find yourself in an accident it might not be your fault. The car if purchased by a person shows their commitment in road safety besides if offering protection from other cars. The driver of such a vehicle will receive much favor when they make a claim because the car has great safety measures.