Traders and Investors Appreciate Websites With Stock Market Today Live News and Quotes

Active stock traders like to find websites for stock market today live news and quotes that might influence their decision-making process. Investors who are not married to the-buy-and-hold strategy also appreciate these sites. These traders and investors typically have a portfolio of securities in which they currently hold positions, and they also keep an extensive watch list of stocks they will consider buying when the right factors come into play. Unexpected positive or negative news can lead them to buy from the watch list or sell from the portfolio. For an active trader, positive news sometimes means a good time to sell. This person sees a price spike on high volume and understands that the price will not be sustainable. By watching live quotes and charts, this individual can sell near the peak of the price bump and take a hefty profit.

An example of a site providing live news and quotes highlights various features on its front page. Not all of the news is entirely relevant to the stock market and trading, but it’s interesting to many people who visit the site. In an election year, there may be news about the finances of the presidential candidates, for example. Other news might focus on an upcoming Federal Open Market Committee meeting, new products from a technology company, and positive news about a large retailer. There may be a list of various market sectors showing their percentage change over a certain time frame, such as the past three months.

Some of the more noteworthy price moves are likely to be featured on the front page. There might be a list of stocks with the largest daily percentage increases and decreases. If any of those securities are of interest, the individual can check out the latest news to learn why there was a significant hike or drop in the price. Of course, the page also shows current quotes for the Dow Jones Industrial Average, S & P 500 and the NASDAQ for a quick glance at overall market strength or weakness for the day. The combination of information provided is helpful for people who want to maximize their earnings from trading and investing.