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The Reasons to Get a Shoe That Has Arch Support So many professionals do stand on their feet for a long time when they are working and such would result to an increased risk for foot injuries as well as disorders. If you have found yourself regretting your choice of shoes, then it can be time that you invest in a new brand. Here are some of the things that you should know why nurses and others must have a shoe having arch support. One is due to the reason of foot pain. When your shoe doesn’t have an arch support, then this can leave you having a sore and tender feet. No one would like to work all day long and return home with painful feet. The midsole must be designed in order to the arch supported all day. You have to understand that the low quality shoes can provide you some support but such is not adequate for the 12-hour shift of nurses. The shoe with an arch support can minimize the foot pain and injuries as well as risk for other disorders. The padded instep will keep the foot’s top comfortable and snug all throughout the day. You may get surprised to know the amount of stress that you could get on your foot because of the unpadded instep. If you are going to squat, run or walk, the instep will put pressure on the foot and will then cause pain, edema and inflammation.
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Shoes that don’t have sufficient ventilation would also cause the feet to sweat more. Not only will this increase the risk for developing athlete’s feet but this will also cause undesirable foot odor. When you get shoes with ventilation holes, then you can keep your feet cool and dry all the day long. In order to help in absorbing moisture, you may also add foot powder inside the shoe.
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It is also a great thing to have shoes with rocker bottom. Shoes that have the bottom designed to rock when walking can help in minimizing fatigue on the feet and lower leg. Through the rocker bottom, then you can get a better balance as well as coordination. You should know that plantar fascia is actually a band of connective tissue which supports the sole of the foot and would attach the calcaneus to the toe’s head. You will injure the tendons when your shoes don’t provide enough arch support. When this happen, then the tendons would be edematous, painful and inflamed. Hence, it is great to read the best shoe reviews to know what is the best pair of shoes to get. Through this, you will know the great options that you can have that will also suit your taste.