Control Shopping When Falling In Debt: Take a Debt Quiz during Debt Stress

Control Shopping When Falling In Debt: Take a Debt Quiz during Debt Stress

You must know that questioning is the best way to know about anything and therefore when you wish to know that the loving to shop to a new thing has crossed the line of addiction. You should be careful so that it does not become full blown and create havoc to your financial health. In such conditions when you are in a dilemma you should take a debt quiz to know the result and consequences so thatyoudo not fall into the black hole of debt.  You would be able to distinguish the warning signs from such tests and therefore plan strategically to find ways to treat and control shopping and in turn the accumulation of debt.

Being Utterly Carefree

When you see that you cannot distinguish between need and desire and are making purchases which you do not require to make at present, you may consider yourself as an addict for shopping. If you feel that you would live life nicely toady and not worry about tomorrow, then this attitude would also lead you to debt trap. You should care for the account balances, rates of interest, monthly expenses and fees for non-payment, fines and other contractual obligations as well.

Return Borrowed Things

When you do not return borrowed items frequently it is a sign of addiction as well. Such items may not be costly ones taken from a shop but can be even the pen or pencil that you borrowed from your friend. Even borrowing small amounts of money from your co-workers and failing to return them also is a sign of addiction which should be addressed immediately. Such innocent things are not as innocent as it appears to be but can lead to serious consequences if not taken care of properly and on time and prevent it from becoming a habit.

Basic Financial Obligations

When you find that is being hard for you to meet with the basic financial obligations in your daily life but you have the urge and time to hit the stores to buy an unnecessary item, you can be sure that you are an addict to shopping. When rent, childcare, food, utility, medical and other necessary bills stay unpaid; it is time to be concerned so that such payments do not take the shape of your unmanageable debt.

Cash and Credit

Lastly and most importantly, when you love to use your credit card more during shopping rather than paying the price in cash, it is a telltale sign of addition. When you use credit cards you tend to buy more thinking that you have sufficient time to pay off the debt without interest on time. But when you fail to do so, the interest gets accumulated and spirals up until it goesout through the ceiling. You would also use one credit card to pay the debt of another, overwork, live paycheck to paycheck and much more. There are several counselors out in the market and if you visit here you may know useful ways to get out of debt as quickly as possible.